Kids in America and Artprojx join forces in New York

Text by Ajay RS Hothi

Tank _vol 7issue 17

Still from Matthew (2011) courtesy Maria Marshall, London 

This Spring sees the launch of a joint project between two arts organisations that may as well be long-lost twins. Artprojx and were both born in 2003, aiming to establish themselves at the intersection of art, film and video. Led by David Gryn, Artprojx offers a platform for artists’ film, video and documentary in the cinema, while is the first and only curated exhibition space for artists’ film and video online, proudly predating YouTube. Artprojx is a roaming international programme and, in collaboration with the school of Visual arts, it is bringing to New York for the Armory Show and Volta NY art fair. Artprojx Cinema NY will include films by Moroccan (by way of Mantes-la-Jolie, Paris and Tangiers) artist Mounir Fatmi, Scottish filmmaker Ruth Paxton, London-based Maria Marshall and a production of a filmed discussion between artist Jeremy Deller and curator Chrissie Iles. There will also be a special one-off screening of the feature-length, award-winning documentary/thriller Double Take, which stars Alfred Hitchcock as a paranoid Cold War-era history professor. Film and video, always the toughest media for dealers to sell on, have traditionally been scarce at art fairs. But as more artists successfully straddle the line between the white cube of the gallery and the black box of the cinema, their commercial fortunes seem to be on the rise as well. Hollywood be damned – the artists are coming. §;