Edie's World

Photography by Viktor Vauthier

Styling by Pandora Lennard

Edie Campbell is self-assured in that rare way that only occurs when the three planets of scathing intelligence, unconventional beauty and public school align. As a self-proclaimed “neurotic west London teenager”, her early foray into modelling was perhaps inevitable: her mother Sophie Hicks was a former Vogue fashion editor turned architect, who negotiated her daughter’s first Burberry campaign when Edie was just 15. She recalls of the day she shot the campaign, “I was just standing there and I looked behind me and there was Kate Moss. I thought, this is ridiculous! They blew the picture up big on posters and you could see my braces, my train tracks glinting in the sun. Then it was straight back to double maths the next day. How absurd.”

Her happily blasé attitude to fashion – and, indeed, to life – is what Tank loves about her. “People who’ve worked in fashion for too long lose that sense of the line between parody and reality,” she notes. “I have a little book where I keep my hilarious fashion quotes. I’ve had some great lines so far: ‘So what’s your name, honey? Edie, is that like E.D.? Eating Disorder?’ Not Edie from Grey Gardens or Edie Sedgwick, but eating disorder!” She sighs. Needless to say, we are desperate to scour the pages of this book.

After attending one of London’s most academically prestigious schools and now studying art history at the Courtauld Institute, she never so much as considered sidelining her studies. “I loved school,” she confides. “I always wanted to go to university. When I’m there I’m like, 100 per cent, ‘Teach me!’ I couldn’t just be modelling. It would be a massive mind-fuck. It’s great, but it’s such a crazy world that I really need that stability.” For that she can also rely on a tight-knit group of school friends, who are always on hand to remind her sweetly, “Stop being such a stupid cunt, Edie,” if she gets carried away with herself.

Another source of unconditional love is her horse. She’s quick to whip out her wallet to display a photograph of her atop her beloved Dolly. Apart from the telltale Edie pout, the girl in the picture is a world apart from the model we’ve just shot. “This is what I would do all the time if I could,” she says animatedly. “I compete. I love riding and I love this horse. That’s the real Edie – Edie in the country, riding horses, or on Skype to my school friends. Really I am very boring!”

She is also enjoying being single. “I think it’s really good to be on your own,” she muses. “You know – be selfish; love yourself.” This is despite her recent split from musician Johnny Borrell, for whom she has the greatest respect. “He’s a bright guy and you learn a lot when you’re with someone who makes you think about yourself. Just being in any kind of relationship, you learn about yourself.” She pauses. “I wouldn’t know, actually, because that’s been my only one. Haha!”

For a girl of so many talents, modelling may seem a surprising career choice, even if a temporary one. “I just want to do it for a while,” she says. “If it’s a door that I can push open, then I’m going to have a look.” She’s had more than a glance already, with campaigns for Marc Jacobs and Just Cavalli under her belt, as well as a widely rumoured second appearance in the new Burberry campaign.

From the impeccable upbringing to the rock-star relationship, it’s no wonder she’s been tagged as an emerging It girl. She is curt, though, in explaining, “I just ignore that. They like to put people in boxes. It’s pointless – it’s not something I’ve ever tried to cultivate. So no, I’ll just be a horsewoman-student. That’s fine by me for now.” §

Tank _vol 7issue 261

Dress by Antipodium, slip by Stella McCartney, hat by James Lock & Co., necklace by Old England and belt by Tod’s

Tank _vol 7issue 262

Left, jacket and trousers by Burberry, shirt by Sportsmax, shoes by Marniand and bag by Marsèll. Right, shirt by Jason Wu, trousers by Versace, shoes as before, Hat byJames Locke & Co., bow tie (undone) by Brooks Brothers and belt by Tod’s
Tank _vol 7issue 263

Left, jacket by Hermès, jumper by Christopher Kane, vintage shorts from Beyond Retro and necklace as before. Right, shirt and skirt by Dior, hat as before, socks by Falke and shoes by Chanel 
Tank _vol 7issue 264

Jacket and shorts by Chanel, top by Stella McCartney, socks by Falke and shoes by Chanel
Tank _vol 7issue 265

Left, jumper by Ashish and shorts by Diesel. Right, jumper and skirt by Paul Smith and skirt by Dior
Tank _vol 7issue 266

Left, jacket and shirt by House of Holland, vintage shirt from Beyond Retro, socks by Falke and Edie’s own shoes. Right, Jacket and shirt by Cacharel

Tank _vol 7issue 267

Dress by Charles Anastase, dress (underneath) by Mary Katrantzou

Hair: Roxane Attard using Bumble and bumble / Make-up: Kate Lindsey using M.A.C Cosmetics / Photography assistant: Pani Paul / Styling assistants: Chloe Grace Press, Rupert Bickersteth/ Model: Edie Campbell at VIVA London

Thanks to Natalie at VIVA London and Tom’s, tomsdeli.co.uk