Shock of the Old

Classic Casio, all grown-up

Text by Ian Thornley

Tank _vol 7issue 213

The first G-Shock was launched in 1983, when Casio set out to create a watch that was as close to indestructible as possible. The first G-Shock owners are, therefore, all grown up, and looking for a sophisticated timepiece that still retains the hard-as-nails value of the original. Hence the launch of Mr G, a limited run of 50 that features the ultimate quartz crystal timepiece. The case and strap are moulded from titanium, with a diamond-like carbon (DLC) coating that gives them a Darth Vader feel. The watch itself is full of subtle design details, such as the red Japanese urushi lacquer that borders the dial and the synthetic ruby set in the chronograph button; the technical features include radio-controlled timekeeping, shock resistance and solar power. §

Photography: Studio 88