“It’s My Life, How I Make It”

Six creative women are inspired – by their work, their space, and their choice in clothes, including Diesel’s brilliant new minimalism

Photography by Andrew Woffinden

Styling by Isabelle Sayer & Chloe Grace Press

With this new season comes a fresh impulse for women's wear, with a focus on appreciating easy separates that work for them, not the other way round. As women move into their mid-20's and beyond, so their clothes need to match their discerning expectations. With this in mind, Tank invited six creative professionals to discuss work and their lives.

Portraits took place in each individual's chosen place of inspiration, discussing what makes it theirs.

Their response was unanimous. Any new clothes should integrate effortlessly into their existing wardrobes with minimum fuss, and maximum satisfaction.

Sophia Rogge-

After returning home from California, Sophia realised that she would devote herself to coral conservation. Describing herself as an eco-artist and textile designer, her website instantly transports you to a glistening white beach with her print sarongs. In her workshop-studio, she explained what she does.

Work involves: I design a beachwear range. A percentage of the profit goes to Corals for Conservation.

Why here: it's has plenty of light, is filled with plants and gives the impression of being amidst nature. A lot of my patterns are inspired by nature.

Clothes: I like the effortless cool vibe of this dress. Overall, the clean lines are fresh and modern.

Conservation tip: walking more, it's good for the figure.


Sara Gilmour-

Sara is fashion editor for Avenue 32, a recently launched fashion website offering regular editorial and a range of international designers. She ramped up her rock chick credentials by nominating Rough Trade, an eclectic music store by Portobello market, west London.

Why here: the store represents an essence that's been here for years. It embodies the area.

What brings you back: fashion is influenced by music and I often get ideas from record covers. It's like coming home in here.

Interests: long walks in local cemeteries.

The clothes: they're very me, wearable with an added bit of attitude. I love the classic jeans and '70s era shoes.


Jessie Brinton-

Jessie is a style journalist with a keen eye for the wry and quirky in life's rich tapestry. She had just returned from vacationing in Sri Lanka and suggested FARM:shop in Dalston, east London for the shoot.

Why here: it is everything you hope would happen to an area that is rapidly gentrifying. An experiment in a new way of living.

What brings you back: I'd seen the fish tank in the window, and the hydroponic plants, but it was the sandwich they made for me.

Work involves: being intrepid, and curious about life

Spring tips: chickens, fish, and lettuces. Fruit trees grown in cupboards, and yoghurt culture.


In a very short space of time, singer and DJ, Yasmin has generated significant interest amongst influential music producers and the general public. Her latest single, just out, was produced by Shy FX and features Ms. Dynamite. Talent likes good company, and several more will collaborate on this summer's debut album. Yasmin's choice for inspiration was The Old Queens Head pub in Islington, north London.

How is it yours: Bad Intentions was my club night here. Myself and friends played whatever we wanted, we had fun.

Clothes: I get asked a lot, "What's your style?"

I like to be comfortable. That's the most important thing. This collection has a great mix of comfort and style. All the pieces are easy to make your own. It enhances your individual look.

Music tips: HMV's "Next Big Thing" showcase. Watch out for Stooshie, a colourful three piece with attitude.


Sandra Hagelstam-

Originating from Helsinki, Sandra is currently studying a fashion degree in London where she regularly updates her popular blog, 5 inch and up. In between moving house, she opted for her portrait to be taken in Covent Garden.

Why here: it's good to watch people and find inspiration. It's a nicer version of Oxford Street.

Work involves: the blog is about my personal style with a focus on photography. So, outfits, shows, behind the scenes.

Interests: returning to Finland and taking photographs of the country as a contrast to London life.

I like: the soft sorbet colour of this jacket. The colour and fit in the collection.


Gabriela Bozic -

Gabriela spends much of her time travelling to teach yoga around the world. Her open natured and inspirational teaching methods have resulted in a growing family of eager students. She chose Triyoga in Chelsea, London, as her place of inspiration.

Work involves: workshops, retreats and seminars. Tuning into students wherever you are. A sense of adventure, and faith.

Why here: I have taught here since it opened, and you meet plenty of interesting people.

How is it yours: it's about the energy you bring to a class. Connecting with the students who attend.

Clothes: the dress is flattering and comfortable,ideal for teaching and then dressing up to go out.