TANK Magazine | Volume 7 Issue 5 | The Great Outdoors







  • Time is away

    Photography by Camila Falquez, styling by Brie Welch
  • Gucci 4 Rooms

    Text by Masoud Golsorkhi

  • About a girl

    Photography by Alice Schillaci, styling by Ilaria Chionna
  • Warm leatherette

    Photography by Sara Sandri and styling by Ichi Katsumi
  • Assembly Line

    Photography by Phillip Koll and styling by Stefanie Klopf
  • After Longo

    Study of a woman in motion. Photography by Jeff Yiu, styling by Nina Walbecq
  • Last Summer

  • Layers of Time

  • Back to the Land: photography by Steph Wilson and styling by Beth Rivett

  • High-rise: photography by Stas Kalashnikov and styling by Masha Mombelli

  • Radio Tank Mix: Thug Entrancer

    Text by Kinza Shenn

  • Peir Wu x Harvey Nichols Lookbook

    Text by Kinza Shenn

    Photography by Sirui Ma

    Models: Kevin Yanes

  • Zaha Hadid 1950–2016

    Tank’s Editor-at-Large, Shumon Basar, remembers his formative time with visionary architect Zaha Hadid, who sadly passed away yesterday.
  • Cut and paste

  • New Wave

  • Clark

  • Chinese Whispers

  • HYDRA project launch

  • Radio Tank Mix: Joseph Marinetti

  • Radio Tank Premiere: "The Nest ft. Little Simz" by Faze Miyake

  • Net Averted

  • Radio Tank Live" "Miniskirt" by Braids

    Text by Nazanin Shahnavaz

  • Falling Man

    Photography by Hendrik Schneider

  • Nightcrawler

    Photography by Arianna Lago

  • The Soul Herder

    Photography by Iga Drobisz

  • Echo Falls

  • Tokyo Daily

    Photography by Kaori Oyama

  • Boy Wonder

    Photography by Lee Whittaker

    Styling by Bobby Hook

  • Radio Tank: Gazelle Twin

    Text by Nazanin Shahnavaz

    Photography by Tash Tung

  • Radio Tank Mix: Mechatok

  • Suits You Sir

    Photography by Fernando Uceda

    Styling by Fátima Monjas

  • The Light of Spring

    Photography by Benjamin Mallek

    Styling by Kama Krystel

  • Fashion: A face without freckles is like a night without stars

    Photography by Lee Whittaker

    Styling by Lee Trigg

  • London Collections: Men AW15

  • Radio Tank Live: Sunless '97 and Palmistry

    Text by Nazanin Shahnavaz

  • This is Radio Tank Live: Blue Hawaii

  • Radio Tank Mix: Cava The Combo by Fantasma

    Text by Nazanin Shahnavaz

  • Fashion: In Sync

    Photography by Masha Mel

    Styling by Un-Categorized

  • Fashion: Catarina

    Photography by James Robjant

    Styling by Luke Raymond

  • Fashion: Modern Family

    Photography by Jorge Perez Ortiz

    Styling by Erik Raynal

  • Fashion: Memento

    Photography by Henry Gorse

  • Fashion: New Kids on the Block

    Photography by Lauretta Suter

    Styling by Victoria Steiner

  • Fashion: Minki Cheng SS15 Preview

    Text by Nazanin Shahnavaz

    Photography by HART+LËSHKINA

  • Fashion: All wrapped up

    Photography by Maria Molko

    Styling by Tomas C Toth

  • Fashion: Float

  • Fashion: Ziplocked

    Text by Nazanin Shahnavaz

    Photography by Amanda Camenisch

    Styling by Lorenzo Posocco

  • Fashion: Modern Weekly

    Photography by Ruggiero Cafagna

    Styling by Haruka Suzuki

  • Radio Tank: Sean Nicholas Savage

    Text by Nazanin Shahnavaz

    Photography by Rosaline Shahnavaz

  • Fashion: Stoked

    Photography by Colby Vincent Edwards

    Styling by Inbar Levi

  • Radio Tank Mix: Mamiko Motto

  • Fashion: Kimono Kid

    Photography by Gregory Aune

    Styling by Sasa

  • Radio Tank Mix: YOLA FATOUSH

  • Interview with Christiane Kubrick AND PIERS BIZONY

  • Radio Tank Mix: GETME!

  • Fashion: About a Boy

    Photography by Samantha Casolari

    Models: Jide Alao

  • This is Radio Tank Live: Archie Bronson Outfit

  • Fashion: Code Red

    Photography by Daisy Walker

    Styling by PC Williams

  • Fashion: Wild Horses

    Photography by Lea Colombo

    Styling by Tess Yopp

  • Fashion: Cosima Gadient AW14 Preview

    Text by Nazanin Shahnavaz

    Photography by Marlen Keller

    Styling by Cosima Gadient

  • Fashion: Lottie

    Photography by Jessica Mahaffey

    Styling by Giulia Oddi

  • Radio Tank Mix: Dreamtrak

  • Fashion: Checks 'n' balance

    Photography by Sascha Heintze

    Styling by Nicolas Kuttler

  • Fashion: Heartbreak High

    Photography by Jeff Boudreau

    Styling by Luci Ellis

    Models: Dylan and Jordan @ Models 1

  • Fashion: Op Art!

    Photography by Hayley Louisa Brown

    Styling by Hamish Wirgman

  • Fashion: Accessorize

    Photography by Milos Mali

    Styling by Oxana Korsun

  • Radio Tank Mix: 2shy

  • Fashion: New Girls

    Photography by Daniel Nadel

    Styling by Vanissa Antonious

    Models: Dasha & Paula @ M+P Models, Charlotte and Karol @ NEXT, Lisa @ MILK

  • Fashion: ...

    Photography by Leonn Ward

    Styling by Nickque Patterson

  • Radio Tank Live: "High Road" by Cults

  • Fashion: Frieze!

    Photography by Masha Mel

    Styling by Tess Yopp and Stephanie Stola

  • Fashion: Liam Hodges AW14 Collection Preview

    Photography by Benjamin Bibriesca

    Styling by Andrew Ceciliato

    Models: Edward Kasisopa @ AMCK Models

  • Fashion: Whip It

    Photography by Charlotte Rutherford

    Styling by Alexandra Moon-Age

  • Fashion: Brogan's Run

    Photography by Daniel Nadel

    Styling by Hope Lawrie

  • Radio Tank Mix: Hana Risk

  • Fashion: Maine Man

    Photography by Adam Goodison

    Styling by Nickque Patterson

    Models: Mark B @ Storm Model Management, James Parr @ FM, Guy Gee @ Select Model Management, Jazz Jamieson, Jose Wickert and Max Granger @ AMCK Models

  • Radio Tank Live: "Our Love Has No Rhythm" by Woman's Hour

  • Fashion: Parklife

    Photography by Anton Renborg

    Styling by Mari David

    Models: Jazmine @ IMG Models

  • Fashion: Under Her Skin

    Photography by Ren Rox

    Styling by Kate Ruth

    Models: Flo Dron @ Select Model Management

  • Radio Tank Mix: Silvanian Families

  • ECAL X TANK WORKSHOP: Manon Wertenbroek & Laura Rimayati

  • Fashion: Boys Next Door

    Photography by Georgie Wileman

    Styling by Nickque Patterson

    Models: Matt Rodwell and George Tarrant @ NEVS, Jack Marcy @ FM London

  • Object Tales: Hannah Höch @ Whitechapel Gallery

  • Radio Tank Mix: JACK댄스

  • ECAL X TANK WORKSHOP: Sonia Parani & Jean-Vincent Simonet

  • Object Tales: Hassan Hajjaj @ Taymour Grahne Gallery

  • ECAL X TANK WORKSHOP: Nicolas Guy Kunz & Marie Rime

  • ECAL X TANK WORKSHOP: Aladin Borioli & Aliénor Held

  • ECAL X TANK WORKSHOP: Introduction

  • Spring 2014 Issue: Take Me There video by Brett Lloyd and Carolina Prada Bianchi

  • Spring 2014 Issue: Fan Fiction

  • Spring 2014 Issue: On Sale Now, Watch the Trailer

  • Bookshop selects: Sextzine and Bartkira

  • Fashion: Paris, LA

    Photography by Elza Jo

  • Object Tales: Pop Art Design @ Barbican

  • Fashion: Kisa

    Photography by Piczo

    Styling by Madeleine Østlie

    Models: Kisa Cheban @ Storm Model Management

  • Fashion: Let's Dance

    Photography by Amanda Camenisch

    Styling by Lorenzo Posocco

  • London Collections: Men Peir Wu AW14

    Text by Mairi Hare

  • Fashion: The Jean Genie

    Photography by Nicole Maria Winkler

    Styling by Melissa Thompson

  • Flora and Fauna

    Photography by Lukasz Wierzbowski

  • Radio Tank Live: "Dapple" by Dan Haywood video

  • Fashion: On the road

    Photography by Gus and Stella

    Styling by Julia Brenard

  • Radio Tank Live: "Looking For Someone" by East India Youth

  • Radio Tank Live: "Face Like A Skull" by Drenge

  • Film Nights: Lara Bohinc in conversation

    Text by Nazanin Shahnavaz

  • Radio Tank Live: "Avant Gardener" by Courtney Barnett

  • Radio Tank Mix: DJ DJ Booth

    Text by Nazanin Shahnavaz

  • Fashion: I Witness

    Photography by Baker & Evans

    Styling by Rebecca Sammon

  • Radio Tank Mix: WE AINT RAMPIN PT II by ENDBOYS (Endgame & Palmistry)

  • Radio Tank Mix: Diversity Profit Center by Millennium

  • The Body AfroPolitic:

    Nesrine Malik's recommended reading
  • Radio Tank Live: "Them Waters" by Ghostpoet

  • Radio Tank Mix: A. G. Cook

    Text by Sohrab Golsorkhi-Ainslie

  • Tank Music Sessions: Heron by BADBADNOTGOOD

  • Fashion: Like a Rolling Stone

    Menswear AW13

    Photography by Marsy Hild

    Styling by Bobby Hook

    Models: Tommy Fitzer @ Elite

  • Film Nights: Thomas Tait in conversation

    Text by Chloé Bauwens

  • Screen Tests by Nicole Maria Winkler

    AW2013 preview

    Photography by Nicole Maria Winkler

    Styling by Natasha Wray

  • Her Dark Materials

    Pre-fall 2013
  • Fashion: Checks and balances

  • Radio Tank Live: Hoops by Brooke Candy

  • Fashion: This Sporting Life

  • Radio Tank Live: Julianna Barwick

  • Film Nights: Laure Prouvost in conversation

  • Fashion: Dasha Love's Tokyo

  • Radio Tank Live: "Poor Born" by Joe Gideon and the Shark

  • Radio Tank Live: "Enough" by Dan Michaelson and the Coastguards

  • Radio Tank Live: Comanechi

  • Radio Tank Live: "Sheets" by Dan Michaelson and the Coastguards

  • Fashion: Eyes on Sidney... Another Look

  • Fashion: Emilio de la Morena – Man of the Moment

  • The World is Almost 6000 Years Old

  • Stealth Wear by Adam Harvey presented by Primitive London @ Tank 17/1/13

  • Shouldn't Everybody be on the internet?

  • Chris Marker: images of looking

  • Get The Digital Look: How to look good in cyberspace

  • Edvard Munch @ Tate Modern

  • Tank Music Sessions: Gabriel Bruce

  • VSNS of Tokyo

  • Aboveground Animation

  • The Art of Space Exploration

  • Turbulent by Shirin Neshat

  • China Cups at High Tea

  • Liu Xiao