Knight Rider

Text by Christopher Anderson

Photography by Christopher Anderson

I was invited to do an artist residency in Sète, south France last year for the documentary photography festival, Image Singulières. On the day I arrived, someone picked me up at the train station and declared, "Tomorrow, you joute". The next morning, I was dressed in white standing on a boat with a lance in my hand. I was staring down my opponent in a crazy French sport of jousting from boats that dates back to the crusades. These photographs are from a larger body of work titled Bleu Blanc Rouge. They emerged from the residency where I played with representations of colours from the French flag, creating "flags" from photographs.

The resulting book, Sète #12 is out now 

and published by Images en Manœuvres Éditions.

  • Knight Rider #1
  • Knight Rider #2
  • Knight Rider #3
  • Knight Rider #4
  • Knight Rider #5