Envisioning a life less ordinary

Text by Tom Hinton

Photography by Marcus Wilén

"We live in a sterile, boring country and have to create our own distractions." With proclamations like that, it is unlikely that Holograms are going to be adopted by the Swedish tourist board in the immediate future. But then, as a band originating in the modest Stockholm punk scene, that is probably not their ambition either.

Comprising brothers Filip and Anto Spetze, school friend Anton Strandberg and Andreas Lagerström - who all met whilst playing a show in an underground club on a boat, Holograms have garnered an impressive following on the strength of just two tracks. "ABC City" and "Hidden Structures" were released by New York's Captured Tracks label as a seven-inch single. They are still yet to play outside of Stockholm.

Now, though, they are ready to perform elsewhere, having outgrown Stockholm. "The scene fucking sucks," they complain. "There's a handful of underground clubs to play and they all have pretty much the same crowd, mostly our friends. They like us, but we don't know what other people think, really."

An understandable sentiment considering how new the band still is. And, judging from the reaction to their first record, it would seem that other people approve. Interest was initially sparked when Holograms sent out a video to accompany "ABC City" and Captured Tracks' head, Mike Sniper, began stalking them on Facebook.

Shot and edited by themselves, they say the song is about, "a particular Swedish architectural concept of building satellite suburbs". In the video they continue to explain that, "we wanted to showcase how it would be to live in one". And while the band claim they aren't as vehement as the cries of "desolation" and "isolation" that adorn "ABC City" suggest, their sound does successfully capture the frustrations of suburban youth. "It's not so much about anger as it is about restlessness, anxiety and the boredom that fuels our music," they collectively insist. Adding that, if nothing else, their music distracts from the drudgery of dead-end jobs. "We've played in lots of bands since we were teenagers and it's been an important way to escape reality."

Holograms are currently preparing for the release of their debut album - recorded and mastered in a lightning-fast 48-hour session. It promises to take them to a whole host of different cities, far beyond Sweden's satellite towns.

Holograms' debut LP will be out this summer on Captured Tracks. 



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