Flash fiction

Text by Sophie Mackintosh and Jack Kelly

Fault zone 1
by Sophie Mackintosh

A glitch is short-lived fault in a system, you read on Wikipedia. See also: this too will pass.See also: diseases of the brain, inability to take stillness, inability to keep the fucking window closed. You’re okay. You think a lot about how shop-bought bouquets not given dank sachets of food end up wilted too soon, how you can’t live on necessity alone.

Fault zone 2
by Sophie Mackintosh

If you put both hands to your temples you can almost feel the pulsing light inside your skull, a deep effusion of electricity that comes up like hot air over cold, cyclonic and pure. It almost hurts. It almost scorches the skin of your palms.

Fault zone 3
by Sophie Mackintosh

See also: fault-lines - under the skin and heart and speech. See how lack of stillness can be a problem here. See upheaval and what happens when there is no one to temper the air stirred up by hands which will not stay still, will not stay still.

Fault zone 4
by Sophie Mackintosh

Leaning your torso out of the window, you proclaim into the rain I am done with stillness. You shout it and the water comes into your eyes and they sting as mascara streams into them, tar-like. Later on you’ll look in the mirror and start at the sight of how darkly they are ringed, as though you are very ill indeed.

Fault zone 5
by Sophie Mackintosh

This is the week you have your house to yourself. This is the week your faultiness is allowed to run riot, not kept in check by kindness and sleep. You’re looking after yourself. You’re not.


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