Streets Ahead with Sansovino 6

Settle yourself into designer Edward Buchanan's comfort zone

Text by Paul Davies

Photography by Jérome Puch

During the last decade, the trend among fashion journalists was to associate luxe clothing brands with club class travel, like some stylistic shorthand to conjure up the relevant aspirational lifestyle. Had Sansovino 6 existed earlier, the media would surely have championed its collections, which are noted for their comfort and ease of wear. But, at just seven seasons young, Sansovino 6 is less concerned with the travelling elite than with maintaining that “just so” insouciance.

This involves an impeccably well-judged range of knitwear separates that have customers clamouring for more and only using carefully selected retailers. A little goes a long way, and Sansovino 6 is in the enviable position of not quite meeting a growing demand.

The label’s creative director is Milan-based US designer Edward Buchanan, who first made his name designing a capsule collection for Bottega Veneta in the mid-’90s, and the brand identity is very much his aesthetic.

“The concept was always to create local wardrobe standards for me and my friends and interpret them in knitwear,” he says. “So a military parka in knitted jacquard instead of canvas. A five-pocket knitted jean rather than cotton twill. It always requires that you take a second look.”

Buchanan’s friends often serve as brand ambassadors, and their respective careers underline the level of integrity he wants to promote in the clothes. From DJ Honey Dijon to entrepreneur Marcelo Burlon via choreographer Stephen Galloway and androgynous model Lea T (the latter revealing the dual-gender appeal of Sansovino 6 garments), they are all creative individuals who clearly enjoy the way the brand marries US sportswear to yarn and weave techniques unique to Italy.

As for the name, Sansovino 6 sounds chic, doesn’t it? Like something from a bygone era when haute society were living the dream. In fact, it is nothing more sophisticated than the address of its Milan office. For some, natural style is an inherent given.


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