Each X Other

Text by Elle Hankinson

Photography by Marsy Hild

Styling by Bobby Hook

Few have managed the age-old ties between art and commerce with more imaginative grace than Each X Other. The Parisian brand offers “an artist’s wardrobe” for both men and women: each season, the clothes – classic styles with a contemporary twist – become a canvas for a different set of visual artists.

It is the brainchild of clothing designer Ilan Delouis and artistic director Jenny Mannerheim, who, speaking amid the full glare of Miami Art Basel, explains that the label uses fashion “to communicate the idea of contemporary art to a wider audience. Fashion is a huge network, so it’s basically the best exhibition space you can have as an artist.”

Those on show this season include conceptual installation artists Kolkoz, polaroid photographer Jeremy Kost, painter and collagist Alizé Meurisse, photographer and videographer Fabio Paleari, photographer Alessandra d’Urso, conceptual artists Ruiz Stephinson and filmmaker Yi Zhou. Working together is crucial to Each X Other, as you can tell by the name – a tribute to the last line of the word artist Robert Montgomery’s 20-foot LED installation: “Safe and warm here in the fire of each other”. “Each X Other is also the spiritual idea of oneness,” Mannerheim says, “a fusion, women becoming men and vice versa. Hence the androgynous clothing – single-breasted pea coats, biker jackets, tuxedo jackets – that play with origin, purpose and gender questions.”

The clothes use simple materials like cotton, cashmere and linen, sometimes with messages scrawled across them or secretly sewn into linings. Many pieces have a pre-loved quality and fun is a key ingredient: Mannerheim references the immersive experience of 1980s fashion shows. At heart, Each X Other is a luxurious antidote to the fast fashion that retains its grip over much of the industry. Mannerheim sees the brand as a publishing house, with each collection a different book, a different story to tell. Already, there is an in-house gallery, and the brand acts as a creative platform for films, exhibitions, books and design objects – there are even plans to expand into spas. It seems only natural that Each X Other’s collaborative approach should reach beyond the clothes. § 

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