She is Madè

Photography by Manuela Pavesi

Styling by Benoît Bèthume

Last year Italian model and actress Margareth Madè was chosen to be the face of the Pirelli Calendar of beautiful-women-who-have-somehow-forgotten-to-wear-any-clothes. Shot entirely in black and white, it captures her uncommon beauty, simple yet impossible.

After leaving her native Sicily aged barely 16 and a long career in modelling, Madè 
burst onto Italy’s consciousness in 2009 when she played the local beauty in Giuseppe Tornatore’s sentimental journey to his small-town Sicilian childhood Baarìa. She later played the young Sophia Loren in TV biopic My House Is Full of Mirrors (2010), opposite Sophia Loren herself playing the role of her own mother – a wonderful opportunity and a daunting prospect.

In person, Madè is quiet and relaxed. Modelling at such a young age was, she says, her “university of life,” learning along the way how to turn her experiences into the basis of her now-burgeoning acting career. “Models are always waiting,” she explains, “so I spend the time observing people. The most interesting thing is that you can just observe the life of other people – and then you can catch and use them for your work.” §

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