Photo City

Christopher Anderson's edit from the Magnum archives

Christopher Anderson has lived in New York City since 1998, except for a four-year stint in Paris. A Magnum photographer, his images have appeared in the New Yorker and he is currently New York Magazine’s first ever photographer-in-residence. He made this selection of photographs of cities from the Magnum archives exclusively for TANK.

New York City, 1998. Photography by Chien-Chi Chang

Left: Brussels, 1981. Photography by Harry GruyaertRight: Moscow, 1960. Photography by Marc Riboud

“I try to look for pictures that don’t just convey statistics about the idea of population and crowdedness but that reveal something more about the experience of living in and being part of a city – because living in a city I feel like I’m part of a large organism.”

Left, top: New York City, 2011. Photography by Christopher AndersonBottom: Toulouse, 2000. Photography by Alex Webb
Right, top: Top: Port-au-Prince, 1994. Photography by Alex Webb
Bottom: New York City, September 11, 2001. Photography by Alex Webb

“In 2011 The New Yorker asked me to photograph in a way that made a lyrical comment about New York today, ten years after September 11th, how has it changed, emotionally, spiritually, physically. Which was to me a very personal perspective.”

Left, top: New York City, 2011. Photography by Christopher AndersonBottom: Shanghai, 2001. Photography by Thomas HoepkerRight, top: Sao Paulo, 2002. Photography by Stuart FranklinBottom: New York City, 1980. Photography by Bruce Davidson

Tokyo, 1980. Photography by Rene Burri

“When I’m photographing in different places I’m looking for the commonality, 
I’m looking for the shared experience, the shared human experience that is universal.”

Left, top: Top: Gold Coast, 2006. Photography by Trent ParkeBottom: New York City, 2011. Photography by Christopher AndersonRight, top: Istanbul, 2001. Photography by Alex WebbBottom: New York City, 2011. Photography by Christopher Anderson

New York City, 1994. Photography by Christopher AndersonAll photos courtesy Magnum Photos