Coach Class

Four muses for a re-energised brand

Text by Lucie Horton

Photography by George Harvey

Styling by Victoria Sekrier

When creating Coach’s debut ready-to-wear collection, newly appointed creative director Stuart Vevers had a certain girl in mind. “She has an ease, an effortlessness and a lightness of spirit that makes her innately cool,” he says. His muse was distinctly American and unashamedly individualistic, and he was inspired by characters like those played by Sissy Spacek in Badlands and Shelly Duvall in The Shining. “I imagined a girl starting a journey in New York and picking up trinkets that she felt drawn to along the way – a leather feather, a cameo – pieces with a certain nostalgia,” he explains. TANK has chosen four women – a writer, curator, musician and editor – who embody what Vevers’ Coach is all about.

All clothes by CoachVideography Kimberley Rabbitt, Martin SenyszakPhotography assistant Andrew Goss

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