Boulton Moderno by Alfredo Boulton

Hardcover, 160 pages 
Publisher: Toluca Éditions + RM (October 2014)
Language: Spanish/English
Selected by Tank

Alfredo Boulton was born to a wealthy family in Caracas, Venezuela in 1908. In 1920 he travelled to Europe and took up photography after completing his studies in Switzerland and England. His photographic work is heavily influenced by Surrealist photographer Man Ray; namely, using the body as a complement to the larger landscape, or disjointing it into parts and compositions of their own. His return to Caracas in 1928, and the decades that followed, as documented in this volume, cemented his need to capture the cultural and social climate of Venezuela through his photography.


Bolton Moderno
Venezuela has been trading in pearls since the early 16th century, when it produced the most natural pearls in the world. Columbus landed on an island off the coast of Venezuela and christened it Margarita, Latin for pearl.

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