Dior: The New Look Revolution by Laurence Benaïm

Hardcover, 152 pages
Publisher: Rizzoli (September 2015)
Language: English
Selected by Tank

In 1947 Christian Dior introduced the Bar suit to the world. As the embodiment of the New Look, the Bar suit inspired consternation and covetousness in equal measure, as well as reams of press attention. The wasp-waisted, full-skirted design soon became a shorthand for the label and has remained, in some way or form, a staple Dior garment. Dior: The New Look Revolution follows the suit from its genesis in Christian Dior’s personal sketches to its 1950s heyday to subsequent radical interpretations by his successors.


Image 2: Model Tania presents the Bar suit at the house’s first show, spring-summer 1947. Photograph by Pat English

Image 3: Christian Dior adjusting a design, circa 1950. Photograph by the Seeberger Brothers, © BnF

Image 4: Carmel Snow (left) with the photographer Louise Dahl-Wolfe attending a Dior show. Photograph by Willy Maywald, © Association Willy Maywald/ADAGP, Paris 2015



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