Fendi by Karl Lagerfeld

Publisher: Steidl (May 2015)
Language: English
Selected by Tank

It has been a half-century since Karl Lagerfeld embarked upon his now legendary partnership with Italian heritage label Fendi. Published to mark the occasion, this is less a coffee-table book and more a coffee-table treasure chest. Elegantly designed by long-time Lagerfeld collaborators Steidl, it includes over 200 Lagerfeld sketches, a poster amalgamating 50,000 Lagerfeld originals, an exclusive DVD and a unique booklet charting the progression of the brand. 

fendi 1
Karl Lagerfeld sketch for the Astuccio Fur, Fendi autumn-winter 1971

fendi 2
Karl Lagerfeld sketch for the Inflatable Fur, Fendi autumn-winter 1979

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