Search Party: The first Collection of Poetry by George the Poet

Hardcover, 128 pages
Publisher: Virgin Books (February 2015)
Language: English 
Selected by Mary Mount

“An urgent new voice in contemporary poetry.” —Mary Mount

George Mpanga, otherwise known as George the Poet, writes politicised rhymes that raise difficult questions and pose no easy answers. Search Party is a blend of humour and commentary on the socio-political unease that has infected the UK. It taps heavily into Mpanga’s childhood, spent between the deprived St. Raphael’s Estate in Brent, northwest London, and his education at one of the country’s most academically successful schools (he went on to attend the University of Cambridge). These inequalities, and a lack of proper representation, are fuel for Mpanga’s work.


The Ends of the Earth

A child is not a portion of an adult.
It’s not a partial being.
A child is an absolute person,
An entire life.
The fact that the child is developing,
Doesn’t mean it’s incomplete.
This just makes it especially important for the
Child to drink and eat, and get a decent wink of sleep.
Many children are given less than children deserve;
Such is the world they entered at birth.
But all it takes is one friend … one friend
Who’s willing to go to the ends of the earth.

For children in the hardest circumstances,
A friend who gives in to no resistance.
Whether down the road or around the globe,
One who’s prepared to go the distance,
One who’s not scared to show persistence.
No task is too tall, no ask is too small
To send through … to attend to.
You could be a friend, too.
Go to the ends of the Earth, for children.

  • George the Poet