Skinhead: An Archive by Toby Mott

Hardcover, 182 pages
Publisher: Ditto Press (December 2014)
Selected by Tank

The word “skinhead” has many meanings. As a subculture it comes in many and polyvalent forms: fashion victim, fascist, socialist, pseudo-punk, homosexual. For Toby Mott, who collected and curated this broad cross-section of skinhead paraphernalia, the term encompasses all these meanings. The book is a lovingly rendered exploration of a complicated subculture, one in which politics and style coexist uneasily.


Image 1: Skinhead couple, late 1960s or early 1970s

Image 2 From top left: Last Chance no.9, 1991, skinzine; Hail! no.4, 1991, fanzine; Last Chance no.13, 1992, skinzine;Hail! no.8, 1993, skinzine; British Oi no.23, 1992, skinzine; Fighting Breed no.3, 2000, skinzine; British Oi! no.29, 1993, skinzine; Brutal Attack, 1980s, sticker; Last Chance no.9, 1991, skinzine

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