Xanti Schawinsky ed. Raphael Gygax and Heike Munder

Softcover, 176 pages
Publisher: JRP Ringier (February 2015)
Language: English/German
Selected by Tank

The work of the Swiss artist “Xanti” (Alexander) Schawinsky (1904-79) was until recently almost completely inaccessible due to a long legal dispute and the dispersal of much of his work into different collections. This monograph is the first to bring together his prolific output over five decades in a single volume. Schawinsky is known for his work in the Bauhaus’s theatre department, and for teaching at the legendary Black Mountain College in North Carolina in the 1930s, where he developed his concept of “Spectodrama”, an early form of total theatre.

Images courtesy of the Xanti Schawinsky Estate, Zürich

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