Horror eats the light and digests it into darkness*

At dawn in the wilds of Yoyogi Park, Tokyo

Photography by Ren Hang

Styling by Demi Demu


Tankaut 15_66 Miho wears trousers by Reality Studio and the stylist’s own jacket

Tankaut 15_67“When we are through playing with puppets, we put them away. They are only objects – like a corpse in a casket. The dead do not return except in horror stories and nightmares.”

Left, Manyu wears trousers by Reality Studio. Right, Miho and Kihoko wear a top, a stole and skirts by Issey Miyake 

Tankaut 15_68“If no solid conclusions ever come forward on the why, what and how of consciousness, one thing is well known: it is the cause of our greatest misgivings. Among these is the horror that we are only as real as we imagine ourselves to be.”

Left, on the tree, Kihokowears a skirt by Hilfiger Collection and Makoto, on the ground, wears a coat by Paul Smith. Right, Miho wears trousers by Bernhard Willhelm
Tankaut 15_69“We are creatures with consciousness, but we must suppress that consciousness lest it break us with a sense of being in a universe without direction or foundation.” Left, Kihoko and Miho wear socks by Bernhard Willhelm. Right, Miho wears jeans by Bless 
Tankaut 15_70“Integral to the normal world’s network of cloying essentials – purpose, patriotism, home cooking – is the conviction that all of us are (or have like an extra internal organ) a so-called self (often capitalised).”

Right, Miho wears a jacket by Paul Smith, trousers by Reality Studio, her own shoes and the stylist’s own shirt.

Tankaut 15_71Kihoko and Miho wear a jacket, a stole and skirts by Issey Miyake 

Tankaut 15_72“We are only passersby in this jungle of mutations and mistakes. The natural world existed when we did not, and it will continue to exist long after we are gone. The supernatural crept into life only when the door of consciousness was opened in our heads: the moment we stepped through that door, we walked out on nature.”

Left, Miho wears the stylist’s own jacket. Right, Miho wears a shirt and a skirt by Junya Watanabe, and Manyu wears a shirt by McQ

Tankaut 15_73“The problem for us – as concrete individuals – is the pyrotechnics of cogitation that issue from our consciousness of pain, of death, of life as a danse macabre into which we are always pulling new partners and lying to them as we lie to ourselves.”

Left, Miho’s trousers and Kihoko’s dress are both by Bernhard Willhelm. Right, Manyu and Makoto wear trousers by Bless 

Tankaut 15_74“The incapacity to repose alongside both the mountains and the mold of this planet is the wellspring of the torments we inflict on one another. As long as we deny a person or group the claim to be as right and as real as we are, so long may we hold this dreamlike claim for ourselves alone. And it is the duty of everyone to inculcate a sense of nothingness, an ache of being empty of substance and value, in those who are not emulations of them.”

Kihoko wears a scarf, Manyu, Makoto and Miho wear trousers, all by Bless 

Hair: Takeshi at Sept using Bumble and bumble / Make-up: Su-Su at ID Management / Videography: Eori Wakakuwa / Production: Hiroki Sekiguchi at ID Management / Styling assistant: Naoya Iiduka / Models: Manyu and Makoto at Team-Evviva, Kihoko at Vithmic Model Agency and Miho Shida at Wilhelmina Japan


[*]Title and all quotes from Thomas Ligotti’s The Conspiracy Against the Human Race.

  • Ren Hang