Belgravia by Karen Knorr

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Hardback, 58 pages
Publisher: Stanley / Barker (October 2015)
ISBN: 9780956992246
Language: English
Selected by Tank

Karen Knorr’s Belgravia documents class and power among the wealthy elite of the early Thatcher years. Looking back on the “everyday” Belgravia of those years from our contemporary perspective feels uncanny; the gap between our one-percent and Knorr’s Belgravia elite is all but non-existent. Knorr has commented that this series plays with the complicity of the photographer and the traditional form of the portrait. 


Tank _summer 16_books _41I am part of a group
called the Dulcit Drones.
We are basically into Rebellion
into changing Youth today.

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I believe a Woman should
keep her kitchen clean.
I walked into a friend’s kitchen
and saw 2 Servants
squeezing oranges
the sweat pouring
off their foreheads
into the juice.
I did not allow my Son
to drink it.