Gone Fishing by Thomas Mailaender

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Paperback, 78 pages
Publisher: RVB Books (October 2012)
ISBN: 9791090306110
Language: English
Selected by Barbara Epler

Gone Fishing tells the modern epic of a young jerk, fleeing his new responsibilities as a father to vacation with the guys. Through photomontages that the artist has made from amateur photos he collected on the internet (Photoshopping his face on each one), and a false compilation of letters from the young dad to the young mum, Thomas Mailaender invents an id much more inspired by beer, big-game fishing or ping-pong tournaments than by his newborn child.” —Barbara Epler 


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I don’t think that this will change anything or help you to forgive me, but I also caught a beautiful carp. I love you my sweetheart. I’m constantly thinking of you and the baby girl, soon I’ll be with you and I’ll take care of everything.

Once again forgive me.

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My sweet,

Right in front of the hotel in the early morning, I noticed an endless ballet of large fish and I couldn’t resist swimming with them. I spent hours in the sea observing them; one even took a friendly interest in me. I slept badly, tossing and turning from one side of the bed to the other. I really miss the baby girl and you and strangely enough the complicity I shared with the fish this morning only accentuated my anxiety. We decided to go hunting this afternoon; I hope it will take my mind of all of this.

Kisses to you both.

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The days go by and are cruelly all the same. In spite of great efforts on my behalf, I have more than I can take of the others. This afternoon I escaped to an amusement park that’s a few kilometres away from here. I concentrated all my energy on the “big dipper.” I went on it at least fifteen times, and I left exhausted but fully happy. The strange sensation you have when you climb into the seat that’s taking you up there: a mixture of regret upon leaving and curiosity as to what will happen next. I miss you both.

Kiss you both.