Hiroji Kubota Photographer by Hiroji Kubota

Tank _summer 16_books _76

Hardback, 512 pages
Publisher: Aperture (October 2015
ISBN: 9781597112857
Language: English 
Selected by Tank

A magisterial survey of a key Japanese photographer, bringing together over 400 of his works, many of which are published for the first time. Kubota’s compelling images conjure the ephemerality of the everyday, sensitively rendering the deep beauty of all facets of the human experience. The personal and political breathlessly collide: images of debutantes and urban classrooms are set alongside shots of civil-rights protests and stark portraits of isolationist North Korea, Burma and China.


Tank _summer 16_books _77Hiroji Kubota, Pyongyang, North Korea, 1978. Photograph © Hiroji Kubota / Magnum Photos

Tank _summer 16_books _78Hiroji Kubota, The End of Ramadan Prayers, Banda Aceh, Indonesia, 1997. Photograph © Hiroji Kubota / Magnum Photos