Imponderable: The Archives of Tony Oursler by Tom Eccles, Maja Hoffmann and Beatrix Ruf

Tank _summer 16_books _44

Paperback, 655 pages
Publisher: JRP Ringier & LUMA Foundation (July 2015)
ISBN: 9783037644263
Languages: English, French
Selected by Barbara Epler

“Here are masses of the pioneering video artist Tony Oursler’s vast personal archive of ephemera relating to magic, the paranormal, phantasmagoria, and pseudoscience, as well as TV and technology. For Oursler, the archive functions as an open visual resource, a historical trove and a family history. If ectoplasm has a certain ring for you, you owe it to yourself to visit this massive mystical project.” —Barbara Epler


Tank _summer 16_books _45A 1920s poster advertising stage magician Charles Fulton Oursler, Tony Oursler’s grandfather. The drawing does not bear a strong resemblance to Fulton, likely because many poster companies would create several generic designs so that a performer could simply have his name added and the order could be ready in the time it took to print them. Photograph by Jason Mandella.