Opening the Sky by Larry Fink

Tank _summer 16_books _37

Hardback, 112 pages
Publisher: Stanley / Barker (July 2015)
ISBN: 9780956992239
Language: English
Selected by Gerhard Steidl

Larry Fink is famous for his elegant black-and-white photography of social events, yet here he forays into the wilds of the Olympia Peninsula in Washington state. “This is an unexpected project from a photographer who is better known for making a very different kind of portrait. The result is poetic and humane and spare,” says Gerhard Steidl. Assigned to “a gypo logger”, Davey McCardle, Fink climbed deep into the mountain, jumping over logs and capturing the raw, elemental struggle of the logging process.



Tank _summer 16_books _38Photograph © Larry Fink