Pool Party by Johnny Pigozzi

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Hardback, 192 pages 
Publisher: Rizzoli (April 2016) 
ISBN: 9780847849161 
Language: English
Selected by Tank 

This book plays out every “dream dinner party” combination imaginable. At the Villa Dorane in Antibes, Woody Allen and Martha Stewart scramble at the buet, Sting wears his bathers on his head, Michael Douglas takes a poolside call. Graham Greene and Liz Taylor are there, too. Johnny Pigozzi’s photographs deliciously depict the chlorinated frenzy of the celebrity underworld. With a foreword by Bono. 



Tank _summer 16_books _4Elle Macpherson, 1997. All works by Johnny Pigozzi and courtesy the artist 

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David Geen and Allen Grubman, 1972 

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Martha Stewart and Woody Allen, 2013 

Tank _summer 16_books _7Jane Fonda, 2013