See Red Women’s Workshop: Feminist Posters 1974-1990 by See Red Women’s Workshop

Tank _summer 16_books _107

Paperback, 172 pages
Publisher: Four Corners (September 2016)
Language: English
Selected by Tank

The See Red Women’s Workshop was a London-based art collective formed in 1973 to make radical feminist silkscreen posters. This book of Technicolor posters takes on, among many other themes, women’s oppression in the domestic sphere, the widespread use and over-prescription of antidepressants among women, and the aggressive anti-feminist policies of Margaret Thatcher. It is a book that is both of its time and timeless. Heed its warning: “Lesbians are coming out in full force!”


Tank _summer 16_books _108Lesbians are Coming Out, c.1980

Tank _summer 16_books _109Left, Is There Life After Marriage?, c.1980. Right, Underneath Every Woman’s “Curve” Lies  A Muscle, c.1980. All works by See Red Women’s Workshop