The Dailies by Thomas Demand

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Hardback, 80 pages
Publisher: MACK (September 2015)
ISBN: 9781907946196
Language: English
Selected by Tank

“Existing in a state of continual motion, from the hotel room to the road, the life of the travelling salesman, the commercial traveller, is experienced as a perpetual passenger, punctuated by both the shifting of place and the marking of time.” Thomas Demand’s delicate and beautiful work uses carefully constructed paper and card sculptures, which he photographs and then destroys, creating a series of “simple fragments strung together to inspire reflection”.


Tank _summer 16_books _21Daily #14, 2011. All works by Thomas Demand and courtesy MACK. Photographs © Thomas Demand 

Tank _summer 16_books _22Left, Daily #2, 2008. Right, Daily #15, 2011 

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Left, Daily #7, 2008. Right, Daily #22, 2014