Concrete orchard

Beneath the paving stones lies the beach. Photography by Rachel Chandler, styling by Eugenie Dalland

Tank _autumn 2016_37

Aidan wears a jumper by Miu Miu and jeans by Levi’s. 


Tank _autumn 2016_38

Left, Lisa wears a dress by DKNY. Right, she wears a dress by Versus.  


Tank _autumn 2016_39 


Tank _autumn 2016_40

Left, Lisa wears a dress by Versus and her own ring. Right, Tasha wears a shirt and skirt by Emporio Armani.

Tank _autumn 2016_41

Left, Tasha wears a dress by Tome. 


Tank _autumn 2016_42

Prisca wears a jacket and trousers by Calvin Klein Collection. 

Grooming: Ingeborg / Models: Tasha P at D1, Lisa Saeboe,
Prisca Franchetti and Aidan Koch