Set against a jaundiced cityscape of glowering reflective surfaces, Enemy is a thriller about our innermost selves.

Canadian director Denis Villeneuve centres his film around a history professor’s encounter with his exact double, building a symbolically rich mediation on selves, psyches and desire around his uncanny premise.

Adam Bell leads a quiet life, giving the same lecture on Hegel, pursuing the same dispassionate relationship. When he spots his doppelgänger in the background of a rental movie, things take a handbrake turn for the surreal.

Once Adam has tracked down and confronted his double, an actor named Anthony Clair, the mysteries are far from over.

As eery, arachnid-heavy symbolism begins to steep the film, the two men’s connection becomes imbued with stranger and stranger possibilities. Reality begins to lose its sturdiness as each begins to infiltrate the other’s life.

Using an arresting combination of the familiar and the otherworldly, Villeneuve situates his film in a potent territory between imagination, dreams and waking life.

Enemy reaches deep into the crevices of our psychic life, moving with the unsettling, intent placidity of a gigantic spider traversing a city.

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