TAKE TEN | Exhibition

All you need to know about Exhibition, Joanna Hogg’s experimental depiction of an artist couple.


Name Exhibition.

Birthdate/vintage 2013.

That scene D convincingly (and inspiringly) fakes a faint in order to escape the boring small talk of a dinner party.

Did you see? Tom Hiddlestone – who Hogg seems to use better than anyone else – as an insipid estate agent.

Don’t watch it with Your creatively competitive spouse.

Listen back to H’s office chair thundering across the floor of the upstairs office.

Champion Martin Scorcese thinks Joanna Hogg is “amazing”.

Antagonist Chuck Brown, who wrote: “the kind of thing people mean when they use the term ‘art film’ as a pejorative” in Slant. 

Not to be confused with Paolo Poeti’s 1976 softcore hit Inhibition.

Pair with Le Corbusier’s Toward an Architecture.


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