TAKE TEN | Orlando

What the Met Gala, Jack Halberstam and Sally Potter’s Orlando have in common.



Name Orlando.

Birthdate/vintage 1993.

That scene Orlando runs through the labyrinth of a stately home’s garden, vaulting decades as (s)he turns corners.

Did you see? Orlando’s eyes change colour over the course of his/her 350-year life.

Don’t watch it with Period drama purists.

Listen back to “Coming” by Jimmy Somerville.

Champion The Met Gala 2020, whose theme ‘About Time: Fashion and Duration’ was inspired by Potter’s Orlando.

Antagonist Kenneth Turan of the Los Angeles Times: “all chic set design, smug posturing and self-satisfied attitude”.

Not to be confused with Orlando Bloom.

Pair with Jack Halberstam’s queer theory classic The Queer Art of Failure.


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