TAKE TEN | The Selfish Giant

Clio Barnard’s The Selfish Giant, how it differs from the Oscar Wilde fable and more.


Name The Selfish Giant.

Birthdate/vintage 2013.

That scene The unforgettable horse race.   

Did you see? The Christian imagery of the stigmata in the film’s closing scenes.

Don’t watch it with Horse lovers.

Listen back to “Pink Pylons” from Harry Escott’s original score, inspired by the sounds made by electricity pylons.

Champion Nigel Andrews of the Financial Times: “one of the great modern British films”.

Antagonist Sara Stewart of the New York Post: “I looked at my watch a bunch of times.”

Not to be confused with The slightly sanctimonious Oscar Wilde fable it borrows its name from.

Pair with Barnard’s first film, also set in Bradford, unique docu-drama The Arbor.


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